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  ProPILOT assist is an amazing new feature in most modern Nissans. ProPILOT assist gives the driver an extra hand when it comes to freeway driving. ProPILOT uses the Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist technologies as well as a stop and hold function that allows your car to come to a complete stop.  ProPILOT also uses the Navi-link synch which uses the cars onboard navigation to predict the freeway. It also uses Speed reduce assist as well as Speed Limit assist to reduce speeds for the curves of off-ramps.  ProPILOT 2.0 is found in the new 2021 Ariya. This will allow drivers to give control over to the car allow hands-free single-lane driving How it works.  ProPILOT assists use two cameras, one located at the top of the windshield that keeps the vehicle centered in the lane. The other camera located in the front Nissan badge this one is used to measures the distance of other vehicles. To find out more read the extensive article on Nissan’s website. 

NissanConnect: SiriusXM

  NissanConnect: SiriusXM All SiriusXM-equipped new and certified pre-owned Nissan vehicles come with a 3-month All Access trial subscription of the service as part of the NissanConnect infotainment platform.  So, what is  SiriusXM? SiriusXM is satellite radio, but it's much more robust than standard, run-of-the-mill radio.  It boasts a deep variation of music with over 300+ channels to tune into as well as the ability to create your own ad-free Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora.  If you're in the mood for a change of pace, channels also include original talk channels and comedy channels featuring the biggest names in comedy such as Comedy Central and Kevin Hart.  With your subscription, you can access thousands of hours of on-demand shows and performances of SiriusXM video. Learn more about SiriusXM on the official Nissan website .  Go ahead and try it—you'll love it!